We, ATA MARINE SERVICES COMPANY would like to inform you that we can provide you below services at ALGIER, ORAN, GHAZAUOET , MOSTAGANEM, TENEZ,  CHERCHELL. ARZEW BETHEOUA  SEKIKDA    DJENDJEN  BEDJAIA     .  ports of Algeria with our partner suppliers and agents.

-We supply quality products in a wide range of categories AT ALGERIA: Provisions, Bonded Stores, Deck, Engine, Electrical, Electronics, Cabin, Medical, Stationary, Fire Fighting, Life Saving Apparatus and Food Supplies.


-Our main activity consists in the delivery of products that are needed on board of ships specially provisions


-We offer other services such as Garbage-service.


-Our customers can expect fast, efficient service for all their ship chandlery needs and this 24/24 and 7/7.