In order to offer an exceptional availability, our offices are equipped with the latest and highest- standard IT software and communication tools, so that the client is always accompanied and procedures are carried out the quickest on Algerian ports. Our Sales & Marketing Department consists of highly professional experts with a long experience in their environment and a wide network of customers.
With the passion to answer to our ever growing clienteles needs,  ATA MARINE SERVICES expanded its network of owned offices to all major ports in Algeria

Our services have evolved with time and we count besides the shipping agency also marine  Our long and excellent relationship not only with Port and customs authorities but also with the local ministries assures a quick and efficient vessel turnaround.
ATA MARINE SERVICES COMPANY suggests you fast and smooth service and most competative prices for crew change operation in all Algeria ports with OK TO BOARD LETTER.
Besides, we will be very pleased to quote for your protective agent requests.

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