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Technical Ship Marine Services specializes in repairing and overhauling of ships worldwide. We provide onboard repair services with a highly qualified workforce and wide experience.Our focus is the long term and stable relationships with our customers and partners. QUALITY OF SERVICE AND JOB ACCOMPLISHMENT ON TIME IS A MATTER OF CULTURE FOR US. Our Services include repair and overhauling on Main Engines and Diesel Generators, high pressure adjustment on Fuel Oil pumps and Turbochargers. On Auxiliary machinery: Automation services, Pump adjustments and Boiler servicing, Cargo pumps, Air compressors. Deck machinery: Hatch cover hydraulics, Hydraulic pipes, winches, Windlasses etc.Specialized services: Separators, Honing services. Our experienced personnel has the skills to perform all kinds of machinery repairs wherever you are in the world. We can provide Service Engineers, Mechanics, Automation Technicians, Diesel Engine Fitters, Steel Work Fitters, Platers and Welders, -Pipeline renewal – Welders and Fitters, Cleaners.

Ship Repairs

Shipping Repair across ALGERIA

ATA MARINE SERVICES is your service partner for ship repair. Our marine engineering division provides reputable ship repairs services to the marine industry across the board from Container/Cargo vessels to Passenger liners,Navy vessels.

Our marine engineering services Include : Mechanical and engine works,elictrical and electronic repairs Propulsion & Thruster Overhauls, pipes works and fabrications,steel repairs and fabrications,cofferdam,underwater repairs and diving,

If you or your company require ship repairs contact us

We Are Dedicated To Our Work

We understand the value of your time.

ATA MARİNE SERVİCES  is capable of afloat and  repairs in any of its marine engineering facilities around ALGERIA  has fully qualified repair parties capable of being deployed to any location in ALGERIA to undertake ship repair works whilst the vessel is underway

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